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• Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

491243931Becca’s nesting.  It started in the barn.  I went out to oversee the trade-out of goats and wow.  That barn has never been that clean–even when Mother got so mad at me for refusing to give up my afternoon at the fishing hole to help her build a loom I didn’t want in the first place. She brushed down every wall in an attempt not to let me have it for my selfishness. As an aside, can I just say I’d give anything to be able to forgo fishing for Mother’s happiness?

The kitchen actually sparkled in the sunlight.  She polished every single surface.  then she went out and disinfected everything connected to the stalls.  Yes. Disinfected.  I had to make her leave the animals out all night so they could BREATHE.  *see, I already learned to use “all caps” to emphasize a word.*

Once she polished every hinge, knob, and latch (yes, she did), she went out to the family chicken coop.  Stop laughing.  She did.  While chicken hawks soared overhead and threatened the existence of my flock, Becca power sprayed (that thing is amazing!) the coop down and then took a steel wire brush to the more stubborn… deposits.

Then she painted it.

I can’t stop laughing just thinking about it.  Mid-painting, Josh arrived.  For those who haven’t met him, Josh is a very sensitive man.  He’s protective but not like Chad.  Chad would be concerned with me climbing the roof to shovel off snow.  He’d yell at me to get down and then get all quiet until he controlled his anger at me for being selfish.  Josh just walked over to that coop–rare enough in and of itself–and led her over to the porch.  He brought her a pillow to sit on, a glass of water, and a couple of cookies.  Then he went and finished painting the coop.  In case the significance of that action is not obvious, I’ll state it bluntly. Josh and house paint do not mix.  Josh and chicken yards do not mix.  Josh hates dirty work, smelly work, and “handyman” stuff.

But Josh loves Becca.  And that’s what made it so beautiful.

I know he would like to think that was the end of her “nesting.”  It was only the beginning.

The trailer came next.  I admit, I went over there and just sat to watch.  I’ve never seen anything more fascinating.  And before you ask me how I could let a VERY pregnant woman do all that work by herself, just remember that she’s pregnant–and bossy.  I don’t think even I was that bossy with the boys.  For the record, she is delightfully charming about it.  She gives orders that she follows up with apologies and offers to do nice things for you.   So she ordered me to sit, practically begged me to forgive her for being rude, and offered me tea and cookies.

Then she went on a rampage.  It was quiet, methodical, and gently done, but it was still a rampage.  She reminded me of that woman I met at the ladies’ conference–the one who is all about de-cluttering.  I think Becca bagged up half their possessions.  Josh says that he took it all to a storage unit.  He said I could publish this as a gentle way to let her know that it’s not gone yet.  I’ve never seen that trailer so clean, and Becca and Josh both keep a very clean house.

But by far the sweetest thing has been the diligence with which she has devoted every free moment to preparing clothing for this child.  She designed and sewed diapers in three separate sizes.  Then she sewed, knitted, and quilted several blankets.  She  sewed her own socks!  For the baby, I mean. She’s made sleepers, toys, and attempted to make new nursing bras–and failed.

But she did all of this in the space of three weeks and while keeping up her regular work.  If she was quite a bit bigger, I’d be confident that she is carrying twins.

I can’t stop laughing.  I’ve retyped this sentence a dozen times, trying to write it without mistakes, but laughing makes it difficult.  Just as I wrote about her layette for the baby, she came in and asked for the laptop.  Apparently it needs to be cleaned up. She mentioned emptying trash and “de-fragging.”

So, I’ll go work in the greenhouse–the one that she’s swept out daily for weeks now–and let her finish her de-cluttering projects.  It is my contention that she will not go into labor until she’s done, and her idea is to get done with everything so she can have the baby early.