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• Thursday, July 24th, 2014

chautona-card60That the author has been making cards.  She’ll be putting one up on her craft blog every day for a week or two.  She’s not quite the artiste that Willow is, but she makes a cute card or two now and then.  🙂


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• Saturday, March 29th, 2014
chinaberry beads

Image courtesy of Pinterest

I was talking to Willow the other day–movies.  I mentioned the old Tammy movies and talked about how she said that “Nothing dresses up an outfit like Chinaberry beads.”  Of course, Willow wanted to know what those are, so I asked Chautona to make some.  She’s not sure, though.  Does anyone care about “chinaberry beads?”  I think they’d be a fun project–stringing a homemade bead necklace.  The picture shows possibilities.  And you could always buy yourself one there instead if Chautona says no…







• Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

I got this note yesterday!

I met Josh! I couldn’t believe it.  He was standing right behind me in line at Joann’s on Saturday.  When he was there he wasn’t working and was there with his girlfriend.  However, if you would meet him while working at Joann’s [you] would possibly [assume the same thing Chad did of him] (which isn’t right as Josh demonstrated wink ).


So… what was Josh doing in JoAnn’s with a girlfriend?  Huh??  Huh??


(psst… this was supposed to be published back on December 11, 2013


• Sunday, December 08th, 2013

Photo property of TwinkieChan and Etsy

Wow!  I was supposed to be keeping up this blog for Willow, but marriage has kept me pretty busy.  I hope you’ll forgive me. It’s all been a blur.  But I was at Willow’s today and I saw the strings of crocheted popcorn and thought, “People might want to get started on chains like this for next year.” So pull up a good Hallmark Christmas movie, make some hot chocolate–soft candy cane (for stirring) recipe forthcoming–and crochet as many of these as you can stand to do.  I recommend having a supply of red wooden beads to put between each one, just like Willow’s.  For the record, she’s a fan of the “popcorn, popcorn, cranberry” organizational flow.

I recommend THIS PATTERN from Etsy seller, TwinkieChan.  Aren’t they pretty?


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